Periodontics: Teeth-In-A-Day

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Custos M.

Missing and damaged teeth can steal your confidence, but finding the right implants and getting them placed can take months. You know that dental implants are healthier and more comfortable than dentures that slip and slide around, but the waiting period is just too long. You shouldn’t have to wait months for a new set of functional teeth. Let’s talk about Teeth-in-a-Day!

Teeth-in-a-Day patients at Family Dental Station, in Glendale, Sun City West AZ receive a new set of fully-functioning implants in as little as a single visit! No more six-month waiting period between the placement of implants and when they can be used. (Hooray!) Even better? The entire procedure takes only a little more than one hour.

No waiting periods. No frustrating dentures.
We use advanced digital software to create a very precise opening for your implants to be placed. Because of the extremely precise fitting, Teeth-in-a-Day implants do not need to integrate with your bone in order to be useful.

So, don’t suffer from missing teeth any longer. Simply call to schedule a consultation at Family Dental Station, in Glendale, Sun City West AZ. If you’re a good candidate, we’ll get your new teeth in place in as little as an hour. What we love most about this technology is that you will be able to smile with confidence in no time at all, knowing you have beautiful and functioning teeth!