Dr. Brooke Zoumbaris

General Dentist

Dr. Brooke Zoumbaris is from Portland, Michigan. Dr. Zoumbaris received early acceptance to dental school within a highly selective accelerated program, upon high school graduation. She ranked #1 in her class, with the highest GPA and graduated valedictorian.

She received her bachelor and dental degree simultaneously from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dental and Oral Surgery.
Dr. Zoumbaris was also selected for an elite Health Professions Scholarship from the United States Air Force.
She entered active duty with the United States Air Force upon graduation from dental school. She successfully completed her Commissioned Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force, Alabama with direct follow-on to Luke Air Force base in Arizona.

After fulfilling her military obligation, Dr. Zoumbaris continued her career in Arizona at Sunwest Dental from 2007-2013.
She became a partner at Sunwest Dental in 2009 and continued there for several years.

Dr Zoumbaris has previously practiced within the Family Dental Station family in Phoenix and Glendale for several years.

Dr. Zoumbaris is now focusing her attention as the managing dentist at the Family Dental Station in Sun City West.
She is enthusiastic about the future in Sun City West, as the office has merged with another adjacent dental office. It is an
exciting time for Family Dental Station, as growth and expansion continue. As always, she is happy to accept new patients.