In today’s world we use our phones for everything from talking to family and friends, to managing schedules, we even buy and sell on them! So why not use them to better manage our health? Here are 5 helpful Dental Hygiene Apps that can help you and your family prioritize your oral health!

Disney Magic Timer

This fun kid friendly app gives kids incentive to brush better. As your child brushes their teeth fun characters appear on the screen. This app is free, and can be used on android or iphone and some tablets.

Brush DJ

This app is aimed for adults and older teens. Features include informational videos that help you learn better oral hygiene habits, reminders that help you remember to brush twice a day, and a timer that plays music to make the two minutes of brushing fun! A simple app, it also boasts no advertisements, and is free to download.


This fun app gives kids an adventure to go on, while brushing their teeth! Engaging and sweet, it teaches kids basic dental hygiene skills and times their brushing to encourage them to do a thorough job of daily dental hygiene.

Playbrush and Colgate Magik

The playbrush is for both children and adults. The adult version has helpful features to coach you in brushing better. Also included are automatic brush head refills at intervals that follow dental professional recommendations.
The child version includes a helpful little attachment that fits any manual brush. This connects by bluetooth with the app for kids that encourages not only good brushing habits by fun games and activities, but also walk your child through better brushing habits after analyzing their brushing in real time. Other similar attachments and apps include the Colgate Magik for kids. Very similar to the playbrush, this app and attachment also prioritize teaching kids better habits through fun games.


This toothbrushing timer is a no nonsense app that works similar to a workout app. A 2 minute timer that helps you aim for every part of your mouth, and tracks your progress over time, this sleek dental hygiene app gets straight to the point.

It is well known that being diligent in caring for our mouths can often prevent poor oral health. While dental hygiene apps can help you do your very best in caring for your teeth daily, they are no replacement for the excellent care regular dental cleanings and well checks at your dentist can provide. Call our Glendale, Sun City West, Phoenix, Peoria or Scottsdale dental office to schedule a consultation today, and let us be on your oral health team!