Trick-or-treat season is upon us! With all the free candy available, it’s important to be mindful of your dental health. Let’s discuss the best and worst candy for your teeth so you can keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright while still enjoying the holiday fun and satisfying your sweet tooth.

Treats to Avoid

Some candy is tougher on your teeth than others, so while it’s probably true that no candy is considered healthy, there are some options that it’s a good idea to avoid entirely. It can be helpful to know the best and worst candy for your teeth so that when you do enjoy treats you are still making healthier selections.

Sticky or chewy candy is top of the list for candy to avoid. This is because the chewier and stickier a candy is, the more likely that it will leave a sugary residue in the crevices of your teeth or between your teeth. Sticky candy residue can be difficult to wash away which can result in a higher chance of cavities forming.

Hard candy, including lollipops and suckers, can be bad news for your teeth, too, because it takes a lot longer to eat them compared to softer candies, which means an extended time that your teeth are exposed to sugar.

Sour candy can also be just as harmful as sweet candy because not only does it contain sugar, but it is acidic, as well, which can cause additional erosion to your tooth enamel.

Safer Options

Talking about the best and worst candy for your teeth isn’t all bad news! There are still many delicious options left to choose from.

Chocolate, in fact, tops the list of the best candy options for your teeth. Chocolate is easily washed away, leaving little residue. Studies have also shown that chocolate contains compounds that may help to harden the enamel or outer layer of your teeth and protect them from cavities. If you’re choosing chocolate, make sure it doesn’t have a chewy center, and the darker the chocolate the better because it contains less sugar.

Sugar-free candy options are also great choices. Sugar is the main reason why candy can be harmful to your teeth because sugar feeds the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth which is what leads to the formation of cavities.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you’ve got a craving for something sweet, talk to your dentist about better candy choices and healthier options to satisfy your sweet tooth. While some candy is better than others for your teeth, there are also many other foods like fresh, sweet fruit, ice cream without added sugar or plant-based and sugar-free treats that can satisfy your craving without the damaging effects of candy.

Call our Glendale or Sun City West dental office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.