Cavities. We all want to avoid them! What you need to know about cavities is what causes them, how to prevent that, how to get them treated if you should get some! So what creates these little holes in your teeth and what can you do about it?

Sugar Causes Them, But Not Just the Kind in Candy

We all know sugar causes cavities. Especially the sticky sweet kind like you’ll find in lollipops or chewy candy. But what about other sources of glucose and sucrose? What else should you avoid?

Sugar that builds up plaque can be found in everyday snacks like potato chips, goldfish crackers, fruits like bananas, applesauce or canned fruit, and other items like energy drinks, sweetened coffee or tea, or soft drinks. Also a top offender, acid can help wear away your enamel and make your teeth more susceptible to cavities. What we don’t often know about cavities is that foods high in acids and sugars can be especially damaging.

Preventing Cavities In Your Everyday Life

Preventing cavities is as simple as keeping your mouth clean. We all know brushing and flossing is important, but did you know taking a drink of water after a snack or a meal can help your mouth fight back in several ways? Hydration can help produce enough saliva to rinse your mouth out, loosening particles of food and washing them away. Similarly, drinking water can help that process along, discouraging the bacteria that turn sugars into plaque, and removing sources of trouble with the food particles that get rinsed away. You may know about cavities being caused by what you eat, but what you eat and drink can aid in prevention as well.

When Should I See a Dentist?

It is important that you don’t wait until the pain is unbearable to tell a Dentist about your suspected cavity. Regular check ups and cleanings can help prevent, but also call your dentist at the first sign of trouble. What you need to know about cavities is, the longer the pain goes on, the more damaging the cavity may be. Let your dentist know if you suspect a cavity due to pain or sensitivity.

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