The sweetest day of the year is approaching fast. Store shelves are stocked with heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates and pastel candy hearts with cute little messages that seem to pop up everywhere. Unfortunately, sugar can be hard on our dental health. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to involve eating extra sugar to be extra sweet, though! Continue reading for 5 healthy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that don’t have to include candy.

1. A Flower Bouquet
It’s a classic, but you can still get as creative as you’d like with it! Gifting flowers to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is a fragrant and beautiful way to tell them they’re special without the negative impact of adding sugar to their diet. The popularity of this one puts it at the top of our list of healthy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

2. A Heartfelt Letter
Writing a heartfelt letter to tell someone what they mean to you is another wonderful gift idea, especially if words of affirmation is one of your loved one’s love languages. Few things are sweeter than hearing how much someone in your life appreciates and cares about you.

3. Tickets to a Show
If you know your valentine’s taste in music, comedy, or theater, nothing beats a live show. Surprising them with tickets for a night on the town to enjoy their favorite artist or entertainer is sure to make the day one to remember. The memories will stay with them forever!

4. A Special Memento
When you want to make a loved one feel extra special, giving them a lasting memento to remind them of your feelings for them is another popular gift idea. The memento could be something handmade or a sparkling piece of jewelry. You know your loved one best, so you’ll know when you find just the right thing to suit the occasion.

5. A Surprise Adventure
If your valentine is one for adventure, this is where you can really get creative. Nothing says “I love you” like a carefully planned scavenger hunt, a tasty picnic in a unique location, or a trip to a beautiful destination. Even better if it’s a surprise!

When searching for healthy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, just think about what your valentine loves and what you could do to make them smile! Candy is an easy option, but when you treasure your loved one’s smile, you’ll find that there are so many better options available that won’t compromise their health. So have some fun, there’s no limit to the possibilities!

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