When you’re trying to steer clear of sugary sodas, seltzer can seem like the obvious choice. It’s a popular sugar-free drink option. But is seltzer bad for your teeth? Read on to find out more about how seltzer can affect your teeth.

Why Avoid Soda?

People often talk about how it’s important to avoid drinking soda because of its high sugar content. Excessive sugar intake can have a big impact on your teeth. But what people don’t often talk about is how sugar-free soda options like seltzer can also be tough on your teeth. This is because carbonated water is acidic, which can lead to erosion of your dental enamel, similar to how sugar affects your teeth.

Soda isn’t the only culprit that can lead to cavities. Sports drinks and even natural juices can also contain high amounts of sugar and acid that can be detrimental to your dental health and further encourage the development of cavities.

Better Options

Soda and seltzers weren’t designed for the purpose of hydration, but they are often used that way. Soda and seltzer should be reserved for a special treat, while pure uncarbonated water should be used to meet your daily hydration needs.

If you find it tough to drink enough pure unflavored water to stay hydrated, there are sugar-free flavor additives that can provide a healthy alternative without sacrificing your dental health. Some also offer the added benefit of electrolytes to help with hydration.

If you can find options that are sweetened with xylitol, this is even better because xylitol has been shown to benefit dental health over time by reducing the bacteria levels in your mouth as well as the ability of the bacteria to stick to your teeth.

Talking with Your Dentist

Understanding answers to questions like, “Is seltzer bad for your teeth?” is important because knowing how to choose healthy and safe food and drink options for your teeth can make a big difference towards keeping your teeth strong and free from cavities.

But questions like, “Is seltzer bad for your teeth?” are also just the beginning of learning how to promote and strengthen a healthy smile. Your dentist work with you to come up with a proactive plan to not only help you prevent cavities, but also help you achieve your goals for a bright and beautiful smile for years to come.

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